Writing Your Wedding Ceremony Capturing The Essence Of Your Relationship


By: Anthony Walsh – Brisbane Celebrant

Congratulations and best wishes for your up and coming marriage.
Your wedding celebrant will tell you that there is a lot to do to make the day memorable for all the right reasons, in particular the format and content of your ceremony. Marriage ceremonies are a public expression of one of the most precious and beautiful of all gifts, the love that you have in your hearts for one another. Writing your own ceremony offers you the freedom to express those feelings in your own special way.

Wedding ceremonies are an expression of the commitment between two people that will be witnessed by family and friends. Under the guidance of a Brisbane Celebrant, the creating and writing of your own ceremony provides the opportunity to construct a meaningful and unique event that incorporates all the elements you want thus creating a day that will be remembered by all who attend.

Here are a few ideas prepared by a Brisbane Marriage Celebrant for when you are considering what you want in a ceremony and how your ceremony is to be conducted. By incorporating words, music and readings that reflect your own feelings for each other, together with your hopes and dreams for your future together, you are making a declaration of love and commitment to marriage which is “the union of a man and a woman who make a permanent and exclusive commitment to each other.”(Marriage Act 1961).
Research:- there are many resources available including books, Marriage Celebrants, wedding planners and the internet. An internet search for ‘writing a wedding ceremony uncovers over 656,000 results.

Marriage Celebrants:- have conducted a number of ceremonies and are a wealth of knowledge and ideas on what to include in a ceremony, particularly what works and how they can be incorporated to make the ceremony flow.

Legal Requirements:- there are ‘Forms of Words’ that must be included in your ceremony.
• The Marriage Celebrant must make clear his/her authority to perform the ceremony
• The nature of marriage is the solemn and binding union of a man and a woman, voluntarily entered into for life, to the exclusion of all others
• You are free to write your own vows but your ceremony must include the words, “I call upon the persons here present to witness that I (name) take you (name of partner) to be my lawful wedded (husband/wife).”

Venue:- the choice is yours and the decision fundamentally comes down to what sort of wedding it is you wish to have. There is a lot to consider in choosing a venue for a wedding ceremony – inside, outside, will it handle the number of guests, noise, weather, just to name a few.

Music:- is fundamental to many ceremonies and can be live or recorded and appropriately chosen for its significance to the couple and their relationship. Music is generally used as background, for the entry procession and the exit by the Bride and Groom, at the signing of the Register and anywhere else you may choose.

Readings:- are not only a traditional aspect of a wedding ceremony, they add a personal touch in the way they communicate your values and the sentiments associated with your relationship. Readings should be chosen with care so make sure you understand the meaning of the text. Your reader should have a strong voice and should be well rehearsed before the ceremony.

Vows:- remembering to include the legal requirement, vows are an integral part of the ceremony. It is a very romantic moment where love, promises and commitments are made. Writing vows may not be easy so there are many examples that can be found and adjusted to reflect the nature of your relationship. Just ask your Wedding Celebrant for advice.

Special Rituals:- add a special touch to a ceremony with a visual and active element that can involve just the Bride and Groom and Marriage Celebrant and/or some or all of the guests. Some ritual ideas include Warming of the Rings, Sand Ceremony, Hand Tying, Sharing the Wine, Breaking the Glass, Candle Lighting, and many more.

Writing your own ceremony gives you the opportunity to spend time together while considering the meaning of the depth of your relationship. The process is straightforward, fun and can incorporate family, cultural and spiritual traditions. Your Brisbane Celebrant should, not only take care of all the legal aspects of a ceremony, but also work closely with you providing as much guidance as is desired and necessary allowing couples to compile your own civil ceremony reflecting your own particular style.
Creating your own ceremony provides a rich and unique opportunity to share the essence of your relationship with family and friends. All the very best in creating a ceremony that is distinctively yours.

Anthony Walsh CMC, is a qualified, registered Civil Marriage Celebrant, Brisbane Celebrant, public speaker and workplace trainer. Anthony’s personality, relaxed style, and commitment to the betterment of people around him, stand him in good stead as a Brisbane Marriage Celebrant. His web site is http://www.marriagecelebrantservices.com.au


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I am a professional Civil Marriage Celebrant who works closely with couples to ensure that they have a personalised ceremony that captures the essence of their relationship. If you are searching for an exceptional civil celebrant committed to all he undertakes with a warm and human touch as an individual then look no further than www.marriagecelebrantservices.com.au
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